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A wild day.
Fred, Amie, and Alanna wake up and Amie and Fred starts explaining what's new with their relationship. "So Alanna. Me and Amie are girlfriend and boyfriend." Fred says. "What does that mean dad?" Alanna asks. "Well it means we have a better relationship than we did before and that Amie might be moving in with us." Fred says. "Can I call her mom?" Alanna asks. "Only if you want to Alanna." Amie says. "Ok mom." Alanna says. Amie smiles and hugs Alanna before going to get something to drink.
     Amie leaves the room, so Alanna stays with Fred. "I'm glad you like Amie and that she is a part of our family now." Fred says. "I want Amie to be my mom, she is kind and plays with me a lot." Alanna says. "She sure is a warm hearthed fox." Fred says. Amie comes back with two glasses. One is full of orange juice, and one is full of tea. "Here you go Alanna." Amie says as she hands the juice to Alanna. "Thank you." Alanna says and drinks half of the juice in one go. "You must have be
:iconnickxjudyfan:nickXjudyfan 2 0
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